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Food Safety / Dietary

Special Dietary Menu: Accolade Catering recognises that Special Dietary Requirements are a growing component of catering and that it can be a worrying aspect for organisers and attendees alike. Accolade Catering has addressed this challenge with a dedicated menu.

Menu Aims: Accolade Catering’s Special Dietary Menu is designed to support our School and Community Menus and to provide organisers and attendees with alternate menu selections with disclosed ingredients.

Special Dietary Requirements Not Covered in Menu: In these cases Accolade will address these requirements on an individual basis. Please provide the person co-ordinating the booking with this information so that they can add this information into the online booking process.

Pricing: Prices are the same as your School and or Community Menu prices.

No Nut Policy: We do not use any nuts in our School or Community Menus. Please Note: Accolade cannot guarantee that traces of nuts will not be in some products.

Halal: With the exception of bacon (served at breakfast) and ham (served at lunch) all other meat is Halal. Our beef and chicken is sourced from any of the following Halal Accredited Abattoirs Goodchilds (Beef) and Steggles (Chicken),perth.aspx

Lactose and Dairy: We provide soy and lactose free milks, Nuttlex as butter alternative and other dairy free products.

Vegetarian and Vegan Vegetarian: We provide vegetarian meal alternative selections including vegan.

Gluten Free: We provide gluten free meal alternates throughout our menu. Please Note: Accolade cannot guarantee that traces of gluten will not be in some products.

Preservatives: We do not use any preservatives in our cooking. If you are allergic to a particular preservative please email us on so we can ensure that this particular ingredient is not used.

Egg: We provide egg free alternative cakes and biscuits.

Diabetic: We provide individual plans according to client needs – please email us at

Beverages: So Good Regular Soy Milk is Available with All Meals –

Understanding the Menu Format:

• The original School and or Community Selection is in Black or Bolded Black

• The Alternate Dietary Product in Red

• Alternate product information with a website link – http://www.bluelink.

• Alternate Selections and or Ingredients are in underlined Italic Red

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